About Us

    We are a family run farm in the Catskill Mountians of New York State.  We employ the latest technology for making quality maple syrup. We use a vacuum system to bring our sap as quickly as possible to our tanks and process the sap each day that the maple sap is running. Fresh sap makes the best maple syrup. The maple sap is then run through a reverse osmosis (RO) system which takes approximately 80% of the water out of the maple sap prior to boiling it in our evaporator. This makes it possible for us to burn less than 1 gallon of fuel for each gallon of syrup we produce. Otherwise we would be using 5 gallons of fuel for each gallon of syrup. Besides being a big cost savings this decreases our carbon footprint significantly. The sap is then boiled down to the correct density by our lead-free stainless steel evaporator. We then run the maple syrup through a plate filter-press that ensures that the syrup is absolutely pure and clear. Our syrup is bottled between 190-200 degrees to ensure that the containers are completely sterilized. We take pride in our maple products and stand behind them. Over the next few years we hope to expand our offerings to include confections and other homemade treats.  Thank you for purchasing our products!

Millbrook Maple

44911 State Hwy 28
PO Box 435
Arkville, NY 12406