Pure Maple Syrup One Gallon All Grades (2 halves) Free Shipping
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1 Gallon of Syrup in 2 half gallon jugs

Choose from the following grades:

Grade A Light Amber - has a very delicate maple flavor. It is also know as “Fancy” Grade in Vermont and is the preferred choice for making maple cream and candy.  This is probably the table syrup of choice in New England.

Grade A Medium Amber - has a nice mild flavor. Most years this is the syrup that makes up the highest volume of the years crop. Don't know which one to pick? Go with the medium.

Grade A Dark Amber - has a full-bodied maple flavor for those that want a little more maple taste. This is an excellent choice for recipes along with having on your waffles.

Grade B Extra Dark For Cooking - has a hearty, robust flavor. This is the syrup that has the most maple kick. This is also our favorite especially for eating on vanilla ice cream. By NYS law this syrup must be labeled as “Extra Dark for Cooking”. NY tells us what we have to label it as, but you can do what you want with it!  Locally this is our top seller.


Our maple syrup is made with the latest technology.  We use a vacuum system to bring our sap as quickly as possible to our tanks and process the sap each day that the maple sap is running. Fresh sap makes the best maple syrup. The maple sap is then run through a reverse osmosis (RO) system which takes approximately 80% of the water out of the maple sap prior to boiling it in our evaporator. This makes it possible for us to burn less than 1 gallon of fuel for each gallon of syrup we produce. Otherwise we would be using 5 gallons of fuel for each gallon of syrup. Besides being a big cost savings this decreases our carbon footprint significantly. The sap is then boiled down to the correct density by our lead-free stainless steel evaporator. We then run the maple syrup through a plate filter-press that ensures that the syrup is absolutely pure and clear. Our syrup is bottled between 190-200 degrees to ensure that the containers are completely sterilized. We take pride in our maple products and stand behind them.

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Pure Maple Syrup One Gallon All Grades (2 halves) Free Shipping

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