Pure Catskill Mountain Birch Syrup
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This is pure Birch Syrup made in the Catskill Mountains of New York State.  4 years ago we started experimenting with birch syrup. We feel we have perfected it and are now ready to sell to the public. 2 years ago all of our syrup went to chefs in various restaurants around the country and we expanded and started selling it retail last year. Birch syrup is made very much like Maple Syrup. We take the sap from the trees and concentrate it down until it becomes 67% sugar. It takes 100-200 gallons of birch sap to make 1 gallon or birch syrup! The flavor of Birch is nothing like Maple syrup and it also does not taste anything like birch beer. It is very unique and strong and should be used as an ingredient and is not generally poured over pancakes. Some will say it has a slight molasses flavor others will say it has a fruity flavor sort of like raspberries and others will say it tastes nothing like anything they have ever had before.  Use it in glazes, marinades, savory sauces, deserts or drizzled over your vanilla ice cream.

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Pure Catskill Mountain Birch Syrup

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