Master Cleanse Maple Syrup Special Free Ship
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Due to the high volume of our customers that are on the Master Cleanse or Lemonade Diet we have come up with a special promotion.

We will ship one half gallon of either Dark Amber or Grade B syrup to your door for $35.   This is syrup from the end of our season which is what is recommended by the Master Cleanse specialists I have talked with.  According to them the syrup at the end of the season which comes out as Dark Amber and Grade B is higher in minerals than the early season syrup, which makes it the best choice for the Leomanade Diet or The Master Cleanse. 

Grade B maple syrup is also an excellent choice for cooking and baking.  Around home we use Grade B for all of our syrup needs because of the strong maple flavor.


This price is good shipped in the US only.  Please contact us for Larger quantities and international rates.

We take pride in our Maple syrup and it is made on our small family run farm in the Catskill Mountains of New York.

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Master Cleanse Maple Syrup Special Free Ship

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